Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ready, Get Set, Go!

August 5th is fast approaching, and the Sail Away Stitch-A-Long is about to set sail. We have a wonderful group of 20 members from all over the United States, ready to stitch this beautiful Shepherd's Bush sampler.
Terri and I chatted last night about how we should proceed. We are both clueless, and this may be the only SAL we ever host, however I feel like it's been worth it already to have met such wonderful stitcher's. Terri is just as delightful as she can be (if you couldn't tell from her blog already!)

We decided a dedicated blog would be easier for us all to keep in touch. Hopefully all will participate in posting and sharing not only things about this piece, but things that interest you.

This Stitch-A-Long will last about 7 weeks. Your first assignment is to take out your beautiful threads and separate them onto the floss card. Also have your fabric prepared on your scroll frames, or whatever method you use for stitching. Everything should be ready to go so that we can set sail on the 5th! I just checked out Edgar's blog, and he has been ready for a while, little showoff! (JK)

I am still in the process of getting everyone an invite to be an author on this page. I am still working on that. If I don't have your e-mail address yet, then please e-mail me at, and I can add you. It is 3:00 in the morning so hopefully this is all making sense, and that I haven't forgotten anyone.

I would love everyone to post or e-mail me, why they bought this piece. Terri and I are both making some great "goodies" for those that have joined us so far. If you aren't an "official" member, we still invite your comments and suggestions.

This is so exciting. Thanks to all that wanted to join us on this journey. We are so excited to have you here!