Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ready, Get Set, Go!

August 5th is fast approaching, and the Sail Away Stitch-A-Long is about to set sail. We have a wonderful group of 20 members from all over the United States, ready to stitch this beautiful Shepherd's Bush sampler.
Terri and I chatted last night about how we should proceed. We are both clueless, and this may be the only SAL we ever host, however I feel like it's been worth it already to have met such wonderful stitcher's. Terri is just as delightful as she can be (if you couldn't tell from her blog already!)

We decided a dedicated blog would be easier for us all to keep in touch. Hopefully all will participate in posting and sharing not only things about this piece, but things that interest you.

This Stitch-A-Long will last about 7 weeks. Your first assignment is to take out your beautiful threads and separate them onto the floss card. Also have your fabric prepared on your scroll frames, or whatever method you use for stitching. Everything should be ready to go so that we can set sail on the 5th! I just checked out Edgar's blog, and he has been ready for a while, little showoff! (JK)

I am still in the process of getting everyone an invite to be an author on this page. I am still working on that. If I don't have your e-mail address yet, then please e-mail me at, and I can add you. It is 3:00 in the morning so hopefully this is all making sense, and that I haven't forgotten anyone.

I would love everyone to post or e-mail me, why they bought this piece. Terri and I are both making some great "goodies" for those that have joined us so far. If you aren't an "official" member, we still invite your comments and suggestions.

This is so exciting. Thanks to all that wanted to join us on this journey. We are so excited to have you here!


  1. Good Morning... I'm getting excited to participate in my very first SAL!! I've separated the threads and I'm good to go!

    I purchased Sail Away thinking is was a unique design from SB with the water theme and the Quaker medallions. I also loved the beautiful blue colors.

    I've stitched SB since the dawn of time. Being born and raised in Utah made that possible. Long ago my sisters, cousins, aunties and all would meet at the 'Bush' and weave our own baskets in the back parking lot with Teri. Such great memories.

  2. Cari that was such a fun story hearing about your memories with the SB gals. I have always wanted to attend their retreat - maybe one day!

    Like Cari I was attracted to the unusual style of the sampler - the quaker motifs were cleverly added to this wonderful design. I coveted it from the moment I saw it on a shop newsletter and last summer when I was on vacation in the mountains in Tenn. I visited a wonderful cross stitch shop (Dixie Darlin) where I have purchased many many SB designs over the years and I knew I was sunk when I saw the kit on their shelf. I'm excited to be participating in this SAL with so many friends and the opportunity to meet new friends. Thanks to Loraine and Terri for heading up this fun SAL. Melody

  3. I love the sampler. I'm a SB fan, and love their designs. But the main reason I am doing this SAL is because of Loraine's influence. Her enthusiasm is so contagious and being around her makes me want to do these beautiful stitcheries, of which I have too many projects, already:) I really waffled on this one, but I'm such a push over. (I can say this, since I'm her mom.) She promised it wouldn't be too much each time. So I'm in. Let's Sail Away with the project.

  4. My bags have been packed so to speak and I have been waiting, patiently waiting, to set sail. Finally it is here, I am so excited to be a sailor (this is my first SAL) and the chance of becoming friends with the rest of the fellow sailors. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terri!!!! In reading the other posts I have found that Cari is a native of Utah also. How cool is that??? We do live in a small world. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to visit Shepherds Bush anytime I desire. I love it there, I can spend hours perusing through their assortment of patterns. This brings me to the reason why I purchased the "Sail Away" kit. I really think I fell in love with the quaker motifs. It was different, which caught my eye. Afer reading about how this design came about, I found myself loving it even more; especially with everything that is going on in our country these days. Anyway, got to get back to work, my lunch break is over, but I am sooooo looking forward to start stitching tonight. Good luck to everyone!!!

  5. I wanted to stitch this as soon as I read the write up about how this symbolized the sending away of our children as they grow up. Our son is going away to college so it seemed a great time to do this. Then I read about the SAL and thought it was perfect. I live in Alaska and have visited Shepherd's Bush once. It must be nice to have there store as your LNS. I have ironed my fabric, mounted it on scroll bars, and sorted my thread. I am ready to set sail.....Marjo in Alaska

  6. I tried to email you and it came back undeliverable. Marjo

  7. Why did I buy this piece. Because I love the ocean and anything to do with the ocean. :D And I love SB! Perfect combo! I fell in love with the piece the first time I saw it and waited quite impatiently for it to be released to the general public. Then of course it lay neglected -- until now! Thanks to you!