Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are your bags packed?

This is a needle book that I made for me first Disney cruise a few years ago. I thought it would be fitting to show to all of you!

We are officially getting ready to set sail tomorrow! Hopefully you all have your linen prepped and your floss separated. I have to say that it was trickier than I thought it would be! All of those colors seem to look alike!

We will be working from top to bottom. You should have 3" of extra linen on each side. I usually measure in two and a half inches down and in from the left side. That way I know I'm safe just in case the linen was cut wrong or something.

We will be following the instructions from page 3 of our pattern. It looks like the page below. We will be stitching the Indecisive stitch, the satin stitch, and the herringbone stitch. Follow steps 1-3 on page 3 of your instructions. Also do "Words 1" for this section.This is the section you should do this week. (Don't do the flower on the left, heart or the medallion. I didn't know how to cover them up for the photo)

Hopefully this isn't too confusing. If you have problems e-mail me, or leave a post!

This is so exciting! Sweet Terri is mailing your first goodies in the mail this week. I'm getting mine done very soon. Take Care, and don't forget your posts.

P.S. So sorry if "playlist" drives you crazy. When we went on the said cruise above, I was sitting on this glorious beach on Disney's private island, with the most perfect sky and water in the world, and they were playing Enya's Orinoco Flow song, and I swear it was one of the best days of my life! Just had to recreate it a little bit for you. BTW, you may add songs to this playlist, so get creative.


  1. I have set sail and I am loving it!

  2. I'm so glad you put the songs on the blog - I love the STYX one and thought how appropriate that would be. I will start stitching tonight when I get home. Your little needlebook is darling - good you have fond memories of cruising. Enjoy all ~ ~ ~ Mel

  3. So much for setting sail...I have had to row back to shore (LOL). I despise frogging over 1 but have removed 'Sail Away' as it was started in the wrong spot because I can't count to 4..... ugh... So, after a quick run to the SPCA and lunch, I'll be setting sail once again!!

  4. Hello! I just love your little sail away finish and the music, Enya is one of my favorites! I am ready to set sail today too, despite having about 20 other irons in the fire, lol!
    How can we post to the blog?
    Happy Birthday to Terri!

  5. Yes, yes, yes - Happy Birthday TERRI

    WooHoo !!