Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lookie at my new fob! And a wee bit of progress...

Terri, I think the turtle is PERFECT for me given my rate of stitching lately! I LOVE my new fob! I put them on a pair of silver Dovos with a blue blade which I will use to stitch the rest of this design. I am truly touched by your generosity. The fob is just gorgeous...
I'm just on Part 2. But I am LOVING stitching on this. One of my best friends is coming over to stitch today and I plan on getting quite a bit more done. Hoping to wrap up part 2 soon. Here's a picture of my progress with my new beautiful fob!
Thank you Terri!!!! BTW - I really, really hope that the soda comes out of your fabric... how horrible... Ugh. I've had good success with spot cleaning with powdered OxyClean. Keep us posted on the outcome.


  1. Great progress, Stacy! I love your blue bladed dovos! I have a little black pair of dovos but I may have to go in search of these; they're really pretty and perfect for this project. I'm glad you like your fob!

    I got the stain out and am stitching furiously to catch up!

    Keep on sailing!

  2. Hi Stacy.. I put my darling Terri scissor fob on the very same pair of Dovo scissors!! It looks so great with the SAL Sail Away. Good job on your stitching. Keep Sailing!!