Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it time for part 3 already?

Darling new scissor fobs from Terri!

Hi again fellow sailors! How did this week row by so fast? My kids started school on Friday, and I'm their "learning coach" as they attend an internet based school. My free time just evaporated like a puff of smoke. I'm so sick and tired (already) of saying "stay on task" in my sweetest Mary Poppins voice, that it feels like it will be a long year!
However, I am looking forward to sneaking in some stithcing time while they do their assignments! This is one guilty pleasure I don't mind a bit.

Did everyone get their lovely scissor fobs from Terri? Isn't she wonderful?!!!! I was so thrilled to open my package. The blue fob is for Dot, and I'm delivering to her. I decided to go with the pink and blue beauty (although that was a hard decision!) Everyone give her a big THANK YOU! We love you Terri!

On Friday I'm making a little run to my LNS, which is the very one and only Shepherd's Bush. I'm going to talk to Tina and Teri and see if they would be willing to post on here once or twice for us. I'm not making any promises, but I really hope they will indulge us. It would be fun to hear their insights.

Are we all caught up and ready for part 3? I must admit, I'm not, but after typing this, I'm going to plop in a movie and see if I can't get caught up. Everyone that is really behind, may want to get going, because in a few weeks I have another incentive gift to send to everyone that is still with us. It really has been an easy stitch so far, so don't worry you can catch up!For part 3, you probably already guessed that we will be stitching the cute girl and the big medallion, and the little motifs all around her. Yes Jolene, one more week until the lighthouse! I'm excited for that part as well!

A big thanks to all those who have been posting and making this blog so fun to read! I really appreciate it, and I love seeing your progress. Take Care!


  1. The fobs are beautiful! I haven't gotten mine yet, but hopefully tomorrow! They are so pretty, I can hardly wait :-)
    Looking so forward to week 3! Thanks for keeping us going!

  2. Oooo.... I'm so behind.... I'm still on Part 2. Hopefully I'll make up for some lost time this week. I just need to make time. My blue medallion is almost done and it looks like that is the biggest part of Part 2. Your fob is beautiful! You guys are all so wonderful, thank you for including me.