Thursday, August 20, 2009

On a roll

Well, I barely made the 2nd assignment on time -- put the last stitch in Tuesday night. Then Wednesday morning I figured I might as well continue with the 3rd assignment! I'm really loving how it's coming out. :D

Thank you, Terri, for my fob. I love it! If you want to see what mine looks like, go look at Edgar's blog -- he put his fob on the same pair of Dovos as I did! lol! (I forgot to take a picture of mine.)


  1. You go girl! I am almost there! I like how the outlining on the girls slip shows up on yours. Did you use English Ironstone like it calls for? Mine is not very dark so I was thinking about redoing it....

  2. Fabulous, Margaret! I love how your colors are showing on your fabric. Isn't is amazing how the same sampler can take on so many looks just because of the fabric and floss a person gets in their kit?