Thursday, August 27, 2009

I must not be livin' right....

I have made some progress and felt sure that with a good day of stitchin' tomorrow that I MIGHT catch up. Here's where I was at the end of the day yesterday.
I decided to do this in honor of both of my boys and put Tyler's name in the first motif and Matt's name will go in the other big one. I am using an alternative lettering that I really like. Cindy Carter has re-lettered many SB charts and I really like the style. So, I re-did Sail Away in her style. It took me a while to chart it as I did it on graph paper (should have done it in excel) ~ oh well! I can't take any credit it all for the lettering - it's all Cindy! Here's a link to the many charts she has re-done if you're interested.

Cynthia's Lettering

So... anyway, I pulled this beauty out of my stitching bag a little while ago to go hunker down and get something done and this is what I found:

Nice, huh? I had a soda in my bag which I was sure was sealed tightly but apparently not. I left work in a hurry this afternoon and just tossed it in my bag without thinking. DRATS! What is it with me and wet samplers - remember the tornado and the Friendship Sampler? Anyway, I'll wash it and who knows, maybe it'll be fine. In fact, I may dump some pink tea on it just for fun. More to follow.

Keep up the good work all the rest of you! You're doing great and I will catch up sooner or later even if I have to start over! If you still haven't gotten your turtle scissor fob PLEASE let me know. I don't want anyone to not get one!

Hugs and Peace to you all,


  1. Oh, Terri, I am so sorry. You and liquid do seem to have an issue with your samplers. I got my absolutely gorgeous fob in the mail today. Thank you so much. Marjo

  2. Oh Terri...just what you needed-ugh. Just rinse it out and see what happens!! And keep on keeping on! Thanks again for the fob. You, my dear friend, are somethin' else. Hugs and happy stitching.

  3. AUGHHHH Terri - I know that you've been busy flying around with your tail on fire and I can't believe the pop mishap!!!! Hopefully it will come out. If it doesn't all come out, maybe the pink tea idea will give it a nice vintage look!!

  4. Nooooooo (putting hands over my eyes in horror). On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how it comes out. Hopefully it's a diet soda (no stickiness).

  5. Oh, and I posted on my blog but you may not have seen it: thank you so much for the lovely fob, I absolutely treasure it!

  6. Maybe it will be another "happy accident". :)

  7. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO Terri - what a horrible thing after you did so well getting caught up - you poor dear - I would just be so defeated if that happened to me. Here's hoping for the best for that coming out of your fabric. Hugs Mel

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm sooooo soorry. I'm sure you really didn't need that right now. I'm praying it will all work out with a good soak!
    You are making great progress. Keep on going, If you can fade the darker spots, I think it will look great.
    Many hugs!

  9. I can't believe what happened.... Keep us posted. I'm sure you can get the stain out with a little work. I've gotten out worse things, believe me! Spot cleaning with OxyClean has worked for me in the past. Dawn is pretty good too. Good luck and let us know what happens! BTW - I'm on Part 2 right along with you...