Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ready for a second week?

Celebrating Terri's Birthday with food...wish you could have been there Terri!
(Teresa's hand waving me away)
Hello fellow sailors. Hope you are having smooth sailing this week. I had a little get together with Cindy and Teresa (some of the members without blogs) and we started our project. Since we like to eat, and stitch they brought LOTS of food! Can you see all the chocolate and goodies?

We were having a grand time, and I was making good progress. Teresa forgot her linen at home (can you believe that? Something I would do!) so she ended up working on something else, but Cindy and I were cruising along. That night when looking at the pattern more carefully I had stitched my entire vine in "Olive Branch" instead of "Olive Grove"! I was really trying to decide if the frog had to come and visit, and after a day or two, I decided to unpick and start again. I'm a lot happier with the "Olive Grove" on there. I guess I shouldn't stitch and talk, it's counterproductive! Now for your next assignment. We will be stitching everything down to the girl and the big wreath medallion. I will leave it up to you if you want to go ahead and put the flower half medallion on the right, or wait until week 3.

Thanks for all you support and enthusiasm. I'm loving this project! Have a great night, and we hope you had a fabby 50th birthday Terri!

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  1. What a fun time you girls must have had Sailing together. It's always fun to stitch with friends and chocolate and other goodies always enhance the experience. Hope to be catching up and posting a progress picture soon. happy sailing! Mel