Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I like long weekends. Got lots of stitching in and finished the landscape portion of Sail Away. I do think the thread colors aren't the same as in the model -- too bad one can't guarantee thread dye lots will be the same from lot to lot. Still, it came out nicely, despite the differences in color.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's progress! Terri, thank goodness the cola disaster came out ok!


  1. Oh Margaret...look how cute! Good job!! I'm stitching away on mine and loving every minute!

  2. Very pretty, Margaret. I agree about the dye lots - I end up doing a lot of frogging or changing before I even stitch based on the dye lots I get. This has been a fun stitch and a fun SAL!

  3. WOW Margaret!!!! It looks great!!! Are you able to contain yourself and not finish it yet? Isn't it exciting?

  4. Margaret - lovely job as always - Man when you catch up - you really catch up!