Wednesday, September 16, 2009

still sailing!

I'm still here too.....

Now to get busy with the last assignment :-)

Thank you Loraine and Terri, for such a wonderful voyage! This has been my first official SAL and I couldn't have enjoyed it more!

Will post again with my completed piece :-)


  1. Good job Andrea!! I'm just about done with the hill too!! I'll see you at the shore (so to speak). It has been really a lot of fun!!

  2. Great job Andrea! You're so close to the end and it looks wonderful!

  3. I love this pattern!!!!!!!! I wished I had found this SAL back in July; I'd def. have joined in.

  4. Looks good to me. Great stitching!
    How do you leave a post to this Sal? I am a member but don't know how to leave my progress. There is no new post place like on the other blogs.
    Thanks ~